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Database Development, Software Defined Storage, Data Server Design, And More...

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Custom Enterprise Software, Interface Design, Mobile & IoT Development, And More...

Information Security

Policy & Procedures Development, Vulnerability Scanning, Security Auditing, And More...


Annual Risk Assessments, Privacy Officer Training, Business Associate Vetting, And More...

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Electronic Commerce Systems, Responsive Web Development, Micro App Design, And More...

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COTS Systems Consulting, Big Data Systems, Digital Marketing, And More...

From Custom Engineered Data And Software Systems, To Information Security, Compliance, And Assurance — We Provide Professional Information Technology Products And Services That Refines And Streamlines Business Processes.

From Project Start To Execution And Throughout It's Life Cycle, We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

We follow a simple transparent project process model across all of our product and service offerings that enables us to deliver measurable results in short and tight timeframes without the red tape barriers normally present in more complex models.

Design & Development Process
Our Five Steps To

Project Success

Pre-Project Planning
Design, Development, Quality Assurance
Eucation, Training, Feedback
Continuous Evaluation

The first and most important step to project success is a well defined and translated project scope. During this phase, Penn Dynamics will meet with you and your team and discuss the requirements in detail to get a full understanding of what is expected in the final delivered product or service. Depending on project size, this step could require multiple on site visits or group meetings to ensure no details are left out of the fold.

Once all requirements are gathered, we prepare a well written "Scope of Work" which will include specifics about the project, estimated milestone time frames, non-disclosure forms, business associate agreements (if required), and estimated costs of the project.

This is where the magic happens! We start engineering your project using the project scope as our baseline. Once we have all of the particulars mapped out and in place, we use an agile methodology to develop and test quality assurance procedures project part by part — this allows us to continuously test each part of the project during development to help minimize errors or project bugs in the final delivered product.

With all projects we implement, we provide education and training sessions for decision makers and relevant personnel. Depending on the project scope, training and education can be anything simple from explanations of user documentation to lunchtime group education classes.

In addition to training and education, these sessions are also used for project feedback. Feedback allows us to fine tune the project or product before launch, ultimately helping to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

It's go time — your product or project is now ready for implementation. For custom developed software and data systems, we monitor the live systems around the clock (or active production hours) for an incubation period of 30 [thirty] days. During this time, we continuously monitor performance of the implemented system(s) to ensure they are running smoothly and at their greatest potential.

Your project has been completed and is running smoothly, but we are still not done. Throughout your projects life cycle, we periodically evaluate your project and stay in close contact with you to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. Should you ever need fixes or enhancements, we are here to tackle the tasks — you are our most valuable asset, and we fully invest ourselves in every project or service we manage!

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